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Welcome to the Young Adults and Young Married class.  We are glad that you have taken the time to inquire about this part of the many ministries of Bible Way Baptist Church.  We are made up of young adults ranging from 18 to 35 years of age, who are looking to make a real difference in our church, and community. 


As the Young Adult class, we feel that we are the next generation of Bible Way, and take this responsibility very seriously.  We all believe that in order for our church to move into the future with an effective ministry, we must do our part in exhibiting good Godly Christian character, in the workplace, in our community, in our homes, and in our church.  We also believe that it is our duty to support our Pastor, our missionaries, and our outreach programs both financially and prayerfully.


The teaching in this class is both in agreement with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the King James Bible and our Pastor.  We do not attempt to undermine the Gospel, sugar-coat sin, nor apologize for our stand on the, only, true Word of God.


But this isnít just your run of the mill, young adult class.  We consider ourselves a team.  So, naturally, we like to do things as a team:


**Monday night prayer meeting:  We meet every Monday night, at 7:00, specifically to pray for our Pastor and his family, as well as for each other.  Letís face it; we could all use a little more prayer in our lives.


**Weekly Bible Study:  Every Wednesday night starting at 6:30 we meet to exchange prayer requests and have an interactive Bible Study that anyone would enjoy (even the old people).


**Activities:  We plan an activity for each month, because we just canít get enough of each other.  These are usually social events that include eating, fun and fellowship.  And just in case youíre wondering:  Most of us have children, lots of them, so they are welcome too!  However, there are times when we just want to go out without the kids, and indulge ourselves with grown-up communication, so we do that too.


**Pastor Appreciation Banquet:  This is an event that takes a lot of planning.  These are themed banquets, presented by the Young Adults in appreciation for our Pastor.  Past Themes have been: Formal Banquet; Hillbilly Wedding featuring the Squashed Possum Band; 1950ís Drive in Theater and Diner; College Football Stadium, complete with cheerleaders and announcers; and Game Show theme.


And thatís just to wet your appetite!


Please come and be a part of this exciting class of young adults. 

**Donít just be an ordinary person, be an extraordinary Christian! **

                    Scott Perry            

Young Adult Leader

Community Outreach