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 John Hyman - The Pressman

          John Hyman was born in Derby, Connecticut and educated in the Seymour Public school system.   In June of 1979, John married the former Miss Jane C. Washicosky of Shelton, Connecticut.  They have three children:  two adult sons and one daughter (still in school).    In 1999, John received a license to the Gospel Ministry from Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Milton, Fl. and in March of 2002 received an Associate of Biblical Studies Degree from Andersonville Baptist Seminary at Camilla, Georgia.  John is currently working to receive a Bachelor of Ministry Degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary. 

   When John was eighteen years of age he worked for a time at the Manchester Journal newspaper press in Manchester, Connecticut.  John says it was a dirty job with long hours and as a long haired rebellious type he vowed never to do that type of work again..... little did he know what the Lord has for us.   You remember hearing the phrase "never say never"?  Well, yes he now knows what it means.  John and his family moved to Florida in October of 1994.  They joined Bible Way Baptist Church in 2002.  Pastor Wright told John they had a printing ministry and were looking for a full time printer, but John was thinking back to the time he worked on the newspaper press, "Good luck I know it's not me, besides I couldn't remember anything about that job, because I don't want to".  Then one night in prayer meeting as one of the Brethren was lifting up the requests of the congregation to the Lord, he asked that God send that full time printer that they have been praying for.  Well, John felt without question the Holy Spirit was speaking to his heart saying that is you John and right there he was committed.  John tells us he doesn't regret one minute of the ministry to which God has him working in at this time, what an absolute blessing to put the Word of God before countless folks around the Globe in their own language, that they may have a chance to be born again before it is to late".  We may only be able to scratch the surface by what we do here, but at least we can look back and say "at least we scratched the surface" and we can say we did the best we can to do all we can.  "Remember count the cost, pay the price, reap the reward." 

                                  W. Charles Miller,  Operations Director


 Chuck retired from the Military service after 30 years. He now resides in Pace, FL with his wife Sheila. They both enjoy reading, music, yard work (gardening) and long weekend trips around the area following the battle fields of the Civil War. Chuck is a member of the Central Santa Rosa County Grassroots Political Club. He is the past Charter President of that club. A position he took after he stepped down as the Executive Director and Vice Chairman of the County Executive Political Committee. Chuck is now holds membership in both club and committee. Chuck and Sheila both enjoy a full life serving the community and Bibleway Baptist Church, where Sheila is secretary and Chuck is the Operations Director of the Bible Way Press Ministry. Chuck has worked with the Pensacola Police Department (PPD) for the last 12 years as part of their community outreach programs; first in bring the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) to the tri-county area under the oversight of the PPD and as instructor and class photographer for the PPD’s Citizen’s Police Academy (CPA). Chuck is starting his 12th year with the CPA. Chuck and Sheila have been faithful members of Bible Way Baptist Church for the past 6 years.

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