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Bible Way Press is an outreach ministry of Bible Way Baptist Church and is supported by other churches of like faith around the country.  Our mission is to help missionaries and national on the field with tracts and training material at no cost. We are also able to provide churches around the country with tracts, brochures and training material for a minimal cost.

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 From the Desk of W. Charles Miller

Here is a what a little money can do.

$  1.00 will print:              90 tracts or 9 Gospels of John or 5-10 Booklets

$  5.00 will print:             450 tracts or 45 Gospels of John or 25-50 Booklets

$10.00 will print:             1800 tracts or 180 Gospels of John or 100-200 Booklets

For more information and ordering the above please go to  Bible Way Press Literature


                         Quarter Folder Program

Why this program? We are endeavoring to keep the production costs of our ministry to a minimum. We also will be giving much of our material away to missionaries and nationals on the field. The only way we are able to do this is to obtain support from individuals and churches so that we will be able to employ the needed personnel in order to product the various projects.  We realize that the majority of churches have a missions program under which they give a designated amount to certain mission endeavors each month. Also, some individuals support missions on their own in addition to what they may do to support their own church's mission program.

How does it work?    We need an individual from churches across the country to take this portion of our ministry on as their own missions project.  The concept is very simple. We are not asking churches to support us from their missions budgets or their general funds (though we would certainly not turn away more regular monthly supporters). We simply need individuals to collect (with their pastor's permission) at least a folder's worth of quarters each week from the pockets and purses of the people in the church. Most of us carry some loose change around that could collectively make a great impact on missions. Each filled folder translates to $5.00 per week from pocket change in our pews. At the end of each month, the church would simply write check to "Bible Way Press" to cover the contents of the folders and deposit the quarters in their own account. We will continue to supply the individual with the pre-printed folders as they're needed.

Who can do it?    This would be a great ministry for a retired individual or a young person in the church. Sunday School classes may even be interested in doing this.

Is "do-able"?      If we had an average of two churches from each state fill one  folder each week, we could immediately employ one full-time press operator.  We feel that it is very "do-able". 

What difference will it make?    "A little change now may make a great change in someone's eternity"! Please prayerfully consider helping us fulfill the ministry entrusted to us by partnering with us in this vital work.

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For More Information Contact:

Bible Way Baptist Ministries
P.O. Box 812, Milton, Fl. 32571
Tel: 850-981-0560
FAX: 850-981-0560
Internet: biblewa1@bellsouth.net