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Santa Rosa County Fire and Emergency Services Recognition Day


On Sunday, May 29, 2011, Bible Way Baptist Church hosted the Santa Rosa County Fire and Emergency Services Recognition Day in an effort to thank the emergency service providers for all that they do to serve the citizens of Santa Rosa County and beyond. The service was attended by members of the following service providers:


Allentown Volunteer Fire Department

Avalon Fire Protection District

Bagdad Volunteer Fire Department

Berrydale Volunteer Fire Department

City of Milton Fire Department

Fire and Emergency Services Gulf Coast Station 1 (NAS Whiting Field)

Pace Fire and Rescue District

Skyline Fire and Rescue District

Lifeguard Ambulance Service

Emergency Communications Center (911 operators)


Nearly one hundred guests from these organizations attended the service (including family members). Each attending organization received a plaque from the church in recognition of their dedicated service to our citizens. Many drove apparatus to the service which some of the youngsters (and some oldsters) enjoyed seeing, as always.


A special gift was given to Mrs. Brenda Dunlap, widow of Chief Claude Dunlap, Jr., with the Bagdad Volunteer Fire Department, in his memory. Chief Dunlap passed away this year after having served in the fire service for 38 years.


Since the special day fell on a “fifth Sunday,” a dinner-on-the-grounds feast was enjoyed by all the guests along with the members of Bible Way. Mobile (AL) Fire Department Staff Chaplain Percy Harris was the guest speaker.


Below, please find some of the photographs taken to commemorate the special day:



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