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2012 Baby Dedication

Bible Way Children’s Church


This is an important ministry provided to the children of our church, which mixes good, Godly teaching, with     fun and excitement, as well as puppet shows by Back-Yard Productions, featuring the many adventures of the      characters Kevin and Tim.

What’s the difference between Bible Way’s Children’s Church and other children’s churches? 

 We’re glad you asked! 

From the beginning, our goal has been: to provide the children with strong Biblical teaching.  Most churches provide children with plenty of games, snacks, craft time, and fun; but very little teaching.  Our focus is on the teaching!  We feel that the most important part of a children’s ministry is the “ministry” part.  We tackle doctrine, Gospel, Creation, and many other, difficult to understand, Biblical Principles, bringing them to an understandable level for the kids.  Our hope is, not only that they receive Jesus into their hearts, but that they are ready for the “meat” once they are old enough to move into “BIG CHURCH”


The Devil is after your kid!


We at Bible Way Children’s Church believe that children are our most important asset, and we don’t want to lose  a single one to the Devil!  Don’t make the mistake thinking that he’s not after them!  The Battle for your children is on, and we promise to do our best preparing them for the battle, and hopefully making your job, as a parent, a little easier.


A REAL, Working Ministry


Of all the classroom ministries, there’s only one that has raised more money for the different church programs than all others.  Want to take a guess which one?

Before I tell you, let me give you a few examples:

** Raised over $100.00 for Bible Way Press to buy paper.

** Raised over $600.00 for the Building Fund.

** Raised over $200.00 to give to Gardiner Gentry, our missionary to Malawi, Africa, to    help with traveling expenses.

** Raised over $180.00 to give to the Malawi Children’s Home to help buy Christmas presents.

** Raised over $150.00 to give to the children of a visiting missionary family.

** Sent over $1000.00 to missionary kids already on the mission field, over the past 3 years.

So in case your keeping count, that’s a total of $2230.00.


Have you guessed which class has the biggest heart?  Why it’s the Bible Way Baptist Children’s Church of course.


It only makes sense to let your child take part in such a vital ministry of Bible Way!  They’ll learn more about Jesus, more about the Bible, more about our church and more about giving!  Children’s Church helps them with all these things in an inviting atmosphere, where they’ll make new friends, and actually want to come to church!

                              See you there!

                                        Scott Perry, Zach Leyrer, Kyle Lunsford, Abby Rumph